Land Use / Environmental

Land Use / Environmental

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Land Use/Environmental

With experience in eminent domain, land use and environmental matters, we deliver essential support to a wide range of individuals and organizations. Our clients include those working in development, entities dealing with environmental issues, and landowners and public agencies navigating the condemnation process. 

We are adept at working with federal, state and local municipalities and governmental agencies, engaging with staff and decision-makers to help clients execute successful projects.


Areas of Focus

  • Land use planning, consulting and entitlements
  • General plan, zoning, ordinances and Map Act
  • Development agreements
  • Conditional use, permits and variances
  • Easements and dedications
  • Covenants, conditions and restrictions
  • Eminent domain and condemnation (representing public agencies and private landowners)
  • Environmental assessments 
  • Phase I and II investigations
  • Environmental risk management and allocation of liability
  • Remediation arrangements
  • Cost recovery for contamination cleanup
  • Advocacy before councils, boards and commissions

“We take pride in cultivating a style of practice that emphasizes collaboration and civility over conflict and confrontation. This benefits our clients by positively directing their resources toward realizing their project and business goals.”

Dale R. Pelch
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